Skin Painter

Ivana Belakova

Ivana Tattoo Cover

People’s main reason:

Tattoo is a form of art that is placed on human body, and therefore it is an extremely effective form of self expression and a way to differentiate ourself.

Relationship method:

I usually don’t do personal consultation before starting working on a new client, but I have extensive email communication, where I gather an idea who I’m going to work on and what is the person’s vision, which I will embody.

Faith and remedies:

Modern technology gives us an option to get the tattoos removed, but I would say people do intend to get tattoos for life. Ten years ago people were getting tattoos because they were very trendy. During that time tribal tattoos were very “in” and later people got them removed. Now they are choosing designs with more personal meanings.

Aesthetic limits:

For me it is more a matter of personal taste. What is beautiful for one person, might not be aesthetically appreciated by someone else. Individual taste differs according to culture and region as well, thus there are always different limits in tolerance. Western countries seem to be more tolerant, but the boundaries are being pushed forward worldwide.


I do consider myself as an artist. The way I work requires extensive creativity and I’m using various techniques to achieve the specific look of my work. I call my style street art meets fine art. But I wouldn’t call myself a painter, working on human skin is completely different than painting.

World and personalities:

We live in 21st century and the perception of tattoos has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. They are widely accepted as a form of self expression and are recognized as a form of art and are no longer associated with crime.

Insidious dangers:

I don’t really see any other than the health risks that come with using needles and being in contact with bio- hazard materials. Hygiene these days is very strict, shops are checked regularly and artists do use single use needles. Tattooing changed so much in the past 30 years, all the government requirements are strict and shops are following them more strictly than ever. Clients won’t go to a shop that is dirty, it is a matter of a reputation.

The VIP:

I always enjoy tattooing my friends from the tattoo community. It is a pleasure for me, if a tattoo artist who’s work I admire comes to me to get some work done. For example I have tattooed Xoïl who I admire very much.

Ivana cov in 2

Person you wish:

For me, it is more about design than about the person. Of course, I prefer tattooing clients who are nice and their personalities fit with mine. But overall, I guess someone from my favorite music bands, who would give me artistic freedom.

Favorite part:

Forearm. It’s the easiest way for me to work on it.

Most private part:

I do not tattoo on private parts.

First work:

I started tattooing on my friends in a small tattoo shop in Slovakia. I guess it was some kind of tribal tattoo, which I had to fix later on. Developing as an artist takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight or even in a year.

Skin Painter


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