Skin Painter

Loïc Xoïl Lavenu

Skin Painter Xoil

People’s main reason:

A very old heritage, we really don’t know about it. It’s like sex, we know that is a chemical reaction, but living it, day by day, is different.

Relationship method:

Client have to be attracted to the sphere by themselves, but while the tattoos process, I make them feel, and this is what I do, that I’m commissioned by them. I translate their ideas with my work. I’m being myself and beyond to bringing a complete show. Then at the end of the day, after tattoo, having a good time chilling, have beers and pot if so.

Faith and remedies:

Well, the faith changed, maybe that’s true, so do we? Sailors have not the same life anymore, our civilization too. We are in a period of questioning and changing, we are just the reflection of that. You still need such a faith to do the tattoo, even more to erase it.

Aesthetic limits:

Aesthetic beauty have no limit, just boundaries made by humans mind.


Do not know about that, I still not comfortable with that word. I’m from a small village, it is a scary word. I guess to fit this civilization I guess I’d become.

World and personalities:

Nobody really understand why we such need tattoos, I mean deeply, so when you get tattoo, you want the purpose of it being a reflection of yourself, emotions and everything around. So in those days of confusing, exit their tattoo is a sign of communication, appurtenance, research of symbolism and what goes around.

Insidious dangers:

Getting a weird desease or become an asshole!

The VIP:

Simon, the singer of Biffy Clyro, and my close family.


Person you wish:

I’m very into music, that’s my real drug, so every people from my favorite group, would be great!

Favorite part:

I like tattoo anyway, but I guess arms are cool, they have a nice dynamism that can coming up with.

Most private part:

I tattooed couples of dicks and pussies, funny things, my favorites thought.

First work:

A pigmee on a leg of my friend.

Skin Painter
Xoïl – Tatouage sans machine


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