Skin Painter

Léa Nahon

I don't want to grow up

People’s main reason:

There’s no main reason. The first tattoo, most of the time needs to have a powerful meaning so people look for the one thing they wanna have on skin for life. But once you get started, everything becomes a good reason for a tattoo.

Relationship method:

There’s actually no relationship before the day of the tattoo because I provide the drawings on my web site and my customer just have to show up and chose. Everything starts when we meet at the counter. Then it gets fun, wether there’s a drawing they like just as it is, wether we have to invent and try things, and most of the time, we both want to do it again. So far, nobody left blank!

Faith and remedies:

Most people who think “that’s ok, I can take it of later” are people that actually never tried laser. It hurts like hell and is a lot more expensive than a tattoo. Cover ups works better. So the faith shouldn’t be changed, just think twice.

Aesthetic limits:

That’s relative to everyone. Some people just go too far to my taste, but if that makes them happy, who am I to judge?

Léa Nahon Triptych


Skin is just another medium. What would you call us?

World and personalities:

A world that’s more and more decorated. How great is that?

Insidious dangers:

Time disappears. You tattoo all day, draw at night, not much of my co-workers have time for a personal life. It really is a fulltime job, and a lot of work. There’s no rockstar side in tattoo as it’s shown on TV. But there’s a big side of you alone at your desk drawing all night watching the first season of X-Files — I’m pretty sure a lot of tattooers will sadly recognize themselves here. So much for fame, right?

The VIP:

My mom?

Léa Nahon Cover 2

Person you wish:

Sylvester Stallone. Elvis was already too beautiful.

Favorite part:

I would say fingers. It’s hard to do but fast, and you can always write silly stuff on them.

Most private part:

Are you waiting for “a penis” as an answer? A penis.

First work:

A beautiful tribal drawing in the lower back of a very trusting friend. I’ll thank her forever!

Skin Painter


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