Skin Painter


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People’s main reason:

I think everyone has a different reason, there could be dozens of reasons. Right now fashion is the biggest motivation in my opinion.

Relationship method:

Talking with the customer and presenting my work is important. Then a bond and trust can form which helps to deliver good quality service and also motivates me to try harder to satisfy the person.

Faith and remedies:

I don’t really feel effected by this particular situation. My clients know what they want and what they are doing, and they don’t usually regret their tattoos. That kind of situation happens more when people get tattoos without thinking or choose the wrong artist.

Aesthetic limits:

I see amazing work every day and I still can’t believe the improvements happening in tattooing these days.

Bugs Cover 3


There is no conflict, the techniques compliment each other. I feel that I’ve found the right balance to make it work.

World and personalities:

A lot of factors have changed the meaning of getting tattooed. Society has changed and now accepts things that were taboo only a few years ago. The world we live in is complicated. I try not to analyze too much and to enjoy life as much as I can.

Insidious dangers:

Human ignorance. When I see someone who doesn’t know what they are doing (client or artist) or what they are doing doesn’t make sense.

The VIP:

It wasn’t a person, it was more a personal revolution and rebellion.

Le Tour de France

Person you wish:

Georges Braque

Favorite part:

I like tattooing the lower leg, it’s easy and comfortable to work on.

Most private part:

I’ve done breasts ad asses before, nothing shocking. I don’t really like weird stuff, I try to stay away from it.

First work:

My first jobs were as a seasonal worker in Perpignan picking grapes, peaches, etc. My real first job was working as a tattoo artist.

Skin Painter


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