Little Monk – ‘O Munaciello

From the damp tufa of Naples


1445. The one between Stefano Mariconda and Caterinella Frezza, even a century before the birth of William Shakespeare, is an impossible love story. He is forced to overcome roofs in the moonlight, just to meet her, she can only drag the hours until dark, to see him to her arms again. Despite this, their story goes on for a few weeks, until, one of those nights, Stefano is captured and thrown into the void, right under the eyes of his sweetheart. Grief-stricken, the girl will choose to retreat to a convent. Pregnant.


After a few cloistered months, her body will give birth to a deformed creature that Caterinella will begin to cover with monk clothes, in a desperate attempt to win the favors of the Virgin. A large head on a small child’s body start to wander through the streets of Naples, arousing scorn and all kinds of fantasies about the infernal appearance of the little monk. Depending on the color of the cap, good or ill omen will follow his sad path, until the day of his mysterious disappearance. Since then, Little Monk roams the alleys and apartments of the city, sometimes haunting and forcing to flee, some others donating all the joys he never had.

“Ask an old man, a child, a mother, a man, if this really little monk exists and roams through the houses, and they will give you a weird look, as they would to those who offend the faith. If you want to hear his stories, you will hear, if you want to have authentic documents about him, you will have them. Little Monk is capable of anything”

Matilde Serao

Museo del Sottosuolo

Twenty-five meters underground, in the maze of tunnels and tufa caves that once were the tanks of the Greek-Roman aqueduct, and later one of the most famous anti-aircraft shelters throughout the city, the suggestive Underground Museum of Naples is made out. Here you will find Little Monk leading you through centuries of history made in Partenope.


This Saturday, the museum welcomes the Cabaret Bizarre‘s first show in Italy.
Only if you really want it, that night you can wear your most macabre and elegant dress,
your best or worse disguise

Cabaret Bizarre

It lights up hungry and violent
It burns until the fire and let the shadows in the cold
It doesn’t have the serenity of Apollo
It doesn’t billow sweet on the white springs
It bears from the damp tufa
and floods with its flames this land!

The Sun
Underground Museum of Naples
February 13


guided tour with Little Monk


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