Nouvelle Vague Erotica

Berlin Film Society presents XConfessions

Nouvelle Vague Erotica 1

Porn has become a way of perpetuating gender power structures, of showing men as the center of all pleasure and creating unrealistic and unalterable images about how people — and women in special — should behave and feel in bed

Erika Lust

XConfessions strives to offer an alternative to stereotypical cheap porno imagery, creating a new wave of imaginative, artistic and explicit erotic films driven by sex-positive narratives.

The project is Lust’s most ambitious and inclusive to date, turning sex stories and secret desires confessed by the public into creative and sexually intelligent cinematic films — making this the first crowd-sourced erotic film project in the history of adult film.

Nouvelle Vague Erotica 2

One of the stories that you were most impressed by:

There are several, and for different reasons. Sometimes it’s what these confessions tell, sometimes it’s how they are told, even if it there are not that original, theme-wise. One I found really surprising is that of a woman who gets through her CrossFit classes by fantasizing with the idea of tying up her sadistic trainer and having an orgy with the rest of her class mates in front of him. I mean, that is unexpected!

Nouvelle Vague Erotica 3

Do you think there are still some spectator fantasies that remain unmet?

Yes, indeed! People often don’t realize that the reason we don’t film one of their fantasies is because we can not afford to! There are physical limits to what can be shot — and to what can be done in terms of sex. So if your secret desire is to bed a roman gladiator or a medieval knight.

Eroticism and Porn should always be separated?

Well, they are overlapping categories. Porn is supposed to be explicit, while Eroticism, isn’t, but aside from that, you can’t really argue that one is necessarily more tasteful than or sophisticated than the other.

XConfessions Vol 1

It’s real films with real sex, an answer to the repetitive formula of the adult industry. At XConfessions every short film is a story on its own, displaying a huge variety of situations, characters, fetishes and ways of having sex with passion, intimacy, fantasy, love and lust.

A veritable Renaissance women and force to be reckoned with, Erika Lust is at the helm of a paradigm shift in the previously male-centric world of adult film. It’s erotic cinema like you’ve never seen it before.

Nouvelle Vague Erotica 7

Join the movement and come to a night of erotic indulgence dedicated to the revolutionary work of Erika Lust.

Berlin Film Society
February 10th 2016, 8pm
Let’s make a Porno


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