Jesus & the clouds

with Bruno Pontiroli


He is an important character in my artistic universe, even if he doesn’t show himself that much for now.
Representing Jesus in ridiculous situations is my way of nicely making fun of religion.


Clouds are also important in my universe. I imagine they are made of flesh as well as water.
It’s my way to make them more vulnerable. And this way better understand them. I kind of envy them, their freedom, leisurely existence, the way they are impalpable as opposed to most bound to earth things which are very much solid.


Dreams are a way-out where constraint, laws of the real world do not exist. A universe without rules nor logic in which everything is possible.
It’s this absence of logic that make the absurd and implausible possible. It’s what I look for in my work.


The birth of my son was the most important event in my life.
I felt very happy when I was told I was going to be a father, but it was all very abstract until the baby boy was actually here.
Even knowing that a little being is growing in a woman’s womb, one does not really understand what it means… At least that is how I felt.
It’s probably the biggest change in a man’s life and it’s also a great joy.


Pop surrealism movement is all about liberty of speech and opinion, it is extremely rich thanks to its many influences such as comics, manga series, as well as master paintings whether classical, surrealist or Dadaist.


I arrive quite early at my studio. I sit in front of my latest piece of art with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and take a critical look at the previous day’s work, see what works well and what doesn’t. I prepare my colors for the day and paint until early evening. Before leaving the studio, I stand again in front of my painting for a better appreciation of the day’s work. Then I go home to my family and enjoy a few hours with my babyboy. Once he’s in bed, I very often start going through books or surfing the web, it helps stimulate my creativity.


When I made graffiti, on subway trains in Paris and in all major European countries… That was a fun period of my life.
The objective wasn’t so much to paint something beautiful but to simply succeed in painting a few minutes in sometimes difficult conditions and on a very original — and often guarded — material.
What I do now is very different, much safer.



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