Vali Angel

with Valerie Kaňová

Vali Frame 1

Grown-up people do not know
that a child can give exceedingly good advice
even in the most difficult case

Fëdor Dostoevskij

Vali Vogue Cover
Someone said that beauty will save the world: Are you ready for this?

Why should I be ready for this? I don’t feel particularly beautiful, maybe I look good in photographs, but there are far more beautiful girls in the world.

When did you feel and realize your model’s attitude? Did Irma have something to do with it?

Irma is my mum, who needed a model when she was started out her photographic carreer. And I was always at hand and available. I didn’t enjoy it that much from the beginning, the photos were very stylized, but today I do enjoy it, we shoot differently. I am particularly happy when a picture with me is successful. The last time I was very pleased by my picture was last month when it made Picture Of The Day on Italian PhotoVogue. We took pictures with my girlfriend Anna, a gymnast, it was fun and there was a series of super successful photos.

_DSC5861final (2)

Do you have your own way to make contact with the camera?

Yes, I pretend that I don’t see it… that it is not there.

What are your dreams and the ones that you share and talk about with your friends?

My dream in the field of modeling is to shoot commercials for big fashion brands. I have a lot of pictures which were taken in Italian PhotoVogue, you never know, maybe someone notices me there and invites me for a casting. Moreover, I have taken up photographies of myself recently, I inherited a camera from my mum. Last month a picture of mine was accepted in my own photographer’s porfolio in PhotoVogue, I was very happy about that. I would like to travel a lot, travelling is very enjoyable for me, I like getting to know new places, new people.

Vali sings

It seems you’re a good singer too: do you ever see yourself as an artist?

I had my first singing performance and competition when I was five. I enjoy singing, it is a perfecty natural part of my life, I cannot imagine not singing. I love giving performances, I love the stage, the audience and the lights and I don’t care if I sing, dance or recite poetry to them.

Would you ever sing a song that say “Love will tear us apart again”?

I am sorry, I don´t like this song very much. It is too much rock for me.

What are the things you feel are most dangerous in your life?

I don’t do dangerous thing, once I tried paragliding, but we all survived that, with safe take-off and landing as well.

Vali Cover In

One of your ordinary day in the country:

I do not have any ordinary day. I have lots of activities, hobbies, I do different things every day.

What’s the soundtrack of your current days?

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

A memory you will always carry with you:

I will always carry my family and my friends in my heart.



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