Wolves & Witches

with Rik Garrett

W&W Site
W&W Cov In 1
Why so green and lonely
Heaven sent you to me
We are accidents
Waiting to happen

.who are the witches?

There are several answers to this question. Who they are in mundane life versus who they are in the photographs.

.they are among us?

If you use the photographs as an entry point, you’ll realize that you have access to their realm. Eventually their sphere will blend with your own. It just takes a bit of effort.


.what do you think has led to our today’s fears?

I think that people are usually most afraid of mirrors.

.your thought about loneliness:

A little bit can help.

W&W Cov In 3

.have you ever seen something that you could not explain?

Yes, but more often I try to photograph things that I haven’t seen.

.something on your need to capture forms and atmospheres:

I’ve always been a daydreamer, and largely uninterested in the boring details of day to day life. So it stands to reason that I’m not interested in vernacular artwork. I attempt to dig beneath the surface a little bit.

Symbiosis 2
W&W Cov W

.what about the uncomfortable feeling of violating something while shooting?

I work to avoid this. I’ve always been uncomfortable with authority, so I’m not very good at giving out distinct orders. Often my photo shoots involve a lot of give and take.

.the right soundtrack for your visions:

Anything without a chorus, verse or discernable lyrics.

W&W Cov In 3

.the memory you always hold inside:

Growing up in Washington State — green trees, grey skies.




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