Theatrics Noir

by Alina Noir

In the grey immensity of this ugly, dusty city,
your inner organs are shining,
for me,
just for me.

In my dream
I was a young girl,
and a branch of vine came out of my tongue,
and it grew big and filled all the sky.

alina noir color (18)

alina noir color (21)
Yesterday I woke up a pretty low,
because I was upset with some people, about things they say, have said or done.
As always I wrote an email to my sister, with a full list of those persons,
and their unforgivable mistakes.
Some hours later she wrote back saying that my email made her laugh so much,
that she had to read it aloud to a friend from work who found my life as a “nude photographer”,
and my circle of acquaintances absolutely fascinating.

I work with a very talented team of theater actors and ballet dancers. They are all young, enthusiastic, well read, and quite crazy — and they push me forward during every photo shoot.
Sometimes I know exactly what idea or narrative I want to communicate with my images, but most of the time, I am just trying to embody a certain mood.

Cover In 3
Right now I am working on a project called Cathedrals, where I meditate on the intricate ways in which human bodies can connect in space, other than in a sexual or emotional context. This project allows me to re-explore my favorite artistic themes while in the same time being more mathematically conceptual. Sometimes I help the viewer by superposing geometrical forms on my images, sometimes I am building thread connections during the photo shoot itself. But most of the times I just let my models build the tower with their bodies, with no external visual aid.

Sometimes life is giving you interesting opportunities, and the moment I stepped into my actual studio, everything changed in my mind. Maybe I was ready for the change, maybe those lifestyle images and texts were not satisfactory in the long run.

My name is Alina Noir and I’m just a photographer and writer living between Lyon and Berlin.

alina noir color (26)



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