with Thomas Dodd

It seems there are things that only a sensitive being can see. Since he thinks that’s absolutely the right way to see, how he cannot stay dazzled completely?

Well, artists tend to be more sensitive and empathic than non-artists and that can create problems for them in navigating the “real world”. I have learned to do both, but it took me a while to get the hang of it. Basically, when I am feeling creative — I create, and when I am not, I promote and market the work I have already created. It is a formula that really seems to work for me.

Are we still able to believe in some fairy tales?

I think at their core, fairy tales are analogies of the forces and forms at play in life. It’s not a matter of “belief” — it is just a metaphor that resonates with me. I think religion fulfils the same role for a lot of people as well.

What’s your personal idea about visual art?

Art to me transcends cultural boundaries and elicits emotion from its viewers regardless of the intended context.
It is an expression of that which can not be expressed in language.

Something on your method and means:

I call my style of imagery “Painterly Photo Montage”: What this means is that I take a series of photographs and layer them and manipulate them in editing software — Photoshop — so that the end result looks much like a painting,
but it is in fact a photograph.

Flying Cov In

Do you ever feel any guilt during the transition from reality to digital?

No guilt whatsoever… All art is altering reality. There is no such thing as a “real” photograph. Just the very nature of choosing a composition, changing the camera settings and applying light to the scene — you are already altering “reality” to fit your perceptions. And then of course, I do a lot more in post: all of this with the aim of creating a new reality, or my subjective interpretation of a shared group reality.

So, what about the transition from your musical group Trio Nocturna to expressing yourself as a visual artist?

John Cale once said that “the problem with music is that you have to play it with other people” and although it was a humorous comment, I concur that being in a musical group can be a frustrating experience because if one person is not as into it as the others, then everyone’s career suffers. What I like about photography is that I get to collaborate with other people, but we don’t really have to depend on each other in the long run. I work with a model and then we both move on to working with other people. I have a show at one gallery and then I move to another, and they have another artist the next month. So art fulfils both my solitary nature and my collaborative nature and ultimately there is really no need to be competitive with anyone else, because there are more than enough opportunities for many, many people to experience.

About art, but not only, some say that if you make too many things it means that, in reality, you have many hobbies…

I don’t know — I really don’t have any hobbies. Art is a way of life to me and pretty much everything I do involves it in some way!

A memory you will never lose:

Hopefully I will remember all of them — my first show, my first sale, my first exhibition in New York, every photoshoot I have ever done and most of all — everyone who has bought my work.


Vermont Landscape


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