Travelling North

with Brooke Shaden

Travelling North Cov In 1

All I want out of my life and art
is to inspire others to create,
and to show that there is beauty
and life
and meaning
in all things.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep” — quote William Shakespeare: do you know something about the limit between dream and reality? Does it actually exist?

What I have come to believe is that our reality, or how we experience the world, is a very intimate and personal space. It is the way we react to situations, where our dreams take us, and everything in between. So to me, reality is what we make it. My images reflect that – a reality more heightened to what I want to experience in the world. And it is my hope that more people will discover art as a means to creating the worlds we want to live in.

What about the unpleasant feeling of losing something pure while you’re at work, or behind a camera?

I think that any artist feels that loss sometimes, when working on a concept that suddenly loses it’s meaning, or realizing that you’ve moved into a different head-space when you used to be so excited about a location, or prop, or theme. It happens to me from time to time and I think that is why I have such difficulties working in a series.

petals from my roots

Are you fine with the world and the era you’re living in?

Absolutely. I think that we all have infinite potential in the realm we have been placed. If I didn’t live here and now, I would be creating art differently, or maybe not at all. The tools I have here are the tools that speak to my soul, that allow me to translate what I’m feeling to the outside world.

“I feel like I am floating in plasma, I need a teacher or a lover, I need someone to risk being involved with me. I am so vain and I am so masochistic. How can they coexist?” — quote Francesca Woodman: Do you have an answer for Francesca?

If humans were not made of dualities, there would be nothing worth exploring in art.

capturing inspiration


How is that moment in your life when you realize you are a little bit “strange/different”?

I think that we all catch glimpses of it from our earliest memories. Some of us are lucky to have family who supports the habit. Others push it away because they want to fit in. Others are made uncomfortable by their strangeness and others still are empowered. To be one’s truest self is the most challenging and rewarding gift in the world. It is where I draw my inspiration from.

Loneliness is more a pure or complicated fact?

I see no fact in loneliness personally; to me, it is a state of mind that we enter into when we stop allowing ourselves to fulfill us and we seek other’s to help.

the path under the sky

The memory from your past that best tells about you:

When I was very young I saw a hot air balloon from outside the car window. My sister and I squealed about it because it was so close, so my mom started driving toward it. For an hour we chased the balloon until it finally landed in a field, and I will never forget the wonder and awe that overcame me when I saw it up close. I will keep that memory close to me and remember to never stop chasing balloons.


what life is made of


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