Strange Fruit

From a field in the wind

He dreamt of a field of wheat swaying in the wind
with strange coloured fruit on the stalks.
On closer inspection these strange fruits turned out to be people
dressing bright coloured clothing.

The name came from a dream that the creator of the company had.
Strange Fruit’s signature is its remarkable performance style fusing theatre, dance and circus on 5m flexible poles.
Originally based on the image of a field of wheat swaying in the breeze, the poles’ extreme strength and flexibility allow the performer to bow to impossible angles, swaying back and forth, engaging the audience in absolute fascination.
Since forming in 1994, Strange Fruit has established itself as one of Australia’s iconic outdoor theatre companies.



Who are the people in it?

Our performers are a mixture of dancers, actors and circus performers/acrobats. Strange Fruit’s performance is not only an aerial display, but tells a story, which requires acting skills by the performers. They need to be able to realize the story both to audience who are up close, and also tens of meters in the distance.

What’s the answer for the most sceptical saying “so? what is this?”

Ha! To describe the performance of Strange Fruit is very difficult. The 5 meter poles sway and spin with the performers atop. To the most sceptical this may not sound particualrly engaging. But to see the show, and the effect it has on audiences of all age, from anywhere around the world, will certainly change their minds.

Judging from people’s reactions, do you think we are still able to believe in fairy tales?

If people did not believe in fairy tales there would be no Strange Fruit. Our shows all require people to leave their cynicism behind and engage in a fairy tale world. With people flying above your head, it’s not so hard to do.


What are the problems you face?

Our problems are largely logistical. Because our equipment is bulky and the company is based in Australia, it is expensive to travel the company. However we are finding ways around this. We have equipment stored in various parts of the world, and are starting to have performers more broadly located as well.

The message you would like to leave on the occasion of your 21st birthday:

To the people of Melbourne and Australia, you should be very proud of this company that has toured the world and touched the hearts of people all over the globe. To the rest of the world, thanks for taking this little Aussie company to your hearts.




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