Doors to open

with Aëla Labbé

Cov In 1

While you sleep
you’re the most extraordinary creature
I’ve ever seen.
In your dreams,
with your hopes.
Your whole essence
hanging by a thread.

Aela Forest

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know” — quote Diane Arbus: what kind of secrets are in your pictures, what do they tell?

There are no secrets nor hidden meanings that I aim to express in my pictures. I’m the one who reveals, I cannot explain. I am driven by my intuition, nothing is pre-established. I hope the watcher takes his own space for interpretation, either he is finding a response or still questioning. Perhaps, there are doors to open, but he is the one who has the keys.

Do you think it’s always a good idea to grow up and leave our shining visions in the past?

The past should not be the attic of our shining visions, I think it is important to convene those visions at all times. One must just give himself the means to do so…

An artist is kind of like a fool or just a stubborn children?

I believe an artist is just a stubborn child who has not been damaged by the preconceptions and who has kept his wide openness and sensitivity to the world.

Someone say the photographer is like a thief: Do you ever get “criminal” feeling when you’re shooting?

When I photograph I am in a state where all sensations are heightened, there is something transcendent and meditative, however I never feel like a predator.

Aela Labbe Water

About the recurrent fading of your shots: they have more to do with time passing or with a sort of “to be or not to be”?

Both, and maybe something else… I feel it is my whole relationship with time and space that is offset.

Something on your method of work — especially with the children — and means:

Children in my photographs are my nieces and nephews, a shooting is a fraternal moment, we create in the same way that they/we grow together. There is some kind of an agreement that doesn’t need the words like in a child’s play. In the end it is not something apart from our daily life, like making a cake.

Aela Cov In Lake

How much does the new model of camera can help to be a good photographer?

I do not feel concerned by the technical. To my mind, photography begins in the eye, regardless of the means. You can be a good photographer using disposable cameras.

The right soundtrack for your impressed atmoshere:

I’m listening to a pirate radio which broadcasts a great selection of different music styles, from classical to underground, experimental, minimal, post-rock etc… There are very long soundtracks which are similar to a journey through various landscapes.



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