Inside Out Anna

with Anna Di Prospero

“The insane person or the dreamer fails completely in having an objective view of the world outside, but all of us are more or less insane, or more or less asleep, all of us have an unobjective view of the world, one which is distorted by our narcissistic orientation” — quote Erich Fromm: What are your relations with your ego?

I think to know myself well thanks to my work. I am always looking to challenge myself and improve myself, personally and professionally. I don’t like being the center of attention, and told by a person who works almost exclusively with self-portrait may seem inconsistent. Actually when I take photos, I don’t take photos of myself, but of a woman. I use my figure as a simple means of expression, not to enhance my individuality, which I find uninteresting, but to represent something in order to touch a much wider audience.

Temporary 7

Tints and glows between dream and reality: We are waking up or about to close our eyes?

Perhaps we are about to close our eyes, or perhaps we never opened it. My work is a reflection on reality, but not on the one surrounding us, it’s on the one that lives within us. The photographic medium turns into visible something with no shape but that we feel and know very well. In other words, I seek the truth in the invisible.

For your first photographic project, you entrusted to the evocative locations of your home, are you managed to convey what you set out to do?

The genesis of Self-portrait at home coincides with the move to the house where I made the series. The intent was to create a link with an unknown place to me. The medium of photography has allowed me to discover and bind me to these walls, the house in turn inspired me to create a three years long series.

Urban 9

How would you explain the invasion of Selfie in our lives as the latest generational fad? Didn’t you picture yourself, ten years ago?

Sure, but there was no Facebook or Instagram. The purpose of Selfie is sharing. Most of the young and old taking selfie to show themselves to the world, to make people laugh or entertain others, or to tell a moment of their lives. We live in the age of connectivity, we all feel closer and accessible, Selfies are one of the most obvious manifestations of this phenomenon.

Something on your method and means:

I take photos for six years with a Canon 5D Mark II. I use a single optical, Canon 24-105 mm. Tripod and Remote Control Shutter Release always handy.

Escultura Novartis Campus, Richard Serra, Basel

With the project Self-portrait with Strangers, you have experienced some sort of interference in the essence of some people, through representative places and objects: what were the most significant moments of the experience?

The most significant moment is related to everything before the shooting. Finding the right person, knowing it, sharing their own experiences and undertaking a new and stimulating way, especially for those who have never experienced the photographic medium and its potential. Many of the people involved in the series have expressed a positive feeling, linked to the discovery of new personal aspects revelead thanks to this experience.

How much importance is given today to “the last model” — especially in the workplace — to be considered as fully-fledged photographer?

I personally never gave importance to it. No art dealer or buyer ever interested in my photographic medium.

40 Bond Street, NY
The perfect soundtrack for “the movie” of your photos:

I wouldn’t know. Lately I often listen to the soundtrack of Revolutionary Road by Thomas Newman, it helps me focus and put all thoughts in order to carry on my work.


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