Disappear Completely

with Rose Morelli

Northern Lights - Reykjavik

Man looks at the space looking for company, for signs to suggest he’s not the center of the universe. In the meantime, behind him, the children don’t want to stop squabbling, pushing and playing ugly duckling, once and for all. It’s phobia. But not of diversity. Phobia of not being accepted by Mother Swan, of not complying with her arrogant charisma, with her unconditional contempt towards others. Phobia of not secure his place in this world, especially when things go badly, as we hear around.

They play to imitate her, pointing at the first who is not lined up as god and its programs command. Strange programs, actually. Ambiguous, disturbing, quite violent. I heard them promote social initiatives that, on balance, more than solidarity, seemed to inspire a certain sense of pity and compassion for the “freaks”, an occasional feeling that I rarely seen leading to a real understanding and subsequent acceptance of diversity.

Someone come home triumphant, so happy to have found a place to stay and no longer feel alone, but it’s not enough for Mother Swam, a program is only a program. So the duckling choose to disappear. Completely.

Cleansing Waters

Rose Morelli is the author of the Leelah Alcorn photo-tribute, suicide victim of the game of ugly duckling, recently in the headlines for another Italian prank.

Dear Rose, so sorry, but here in Italy, your photo has been used for a political campaign that warns against the dangerous spread of homosexuality: what’s your thought about it?

My thoughts about it are that this situation is proof of the cruelty of irony. I can only hope to rectify any damage inflicted onto the LGBT community by my stolen image, and hopefully put a stop to Fratelli D’Italia’s regular occurrences of copyright infringement!

“Most people go through life dreading they’ll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They’ve already passed their test in life. They’re aristocrats” — quote Diana Arbus…

I quite like that it begins to tap into the inherent disappointment of growth and development, though. I like the idea that growth through trauma and grief are what enable us to succeed through character building – I can definitely support that message.


Sometimes, in some people we meet along the way, you can feel a desperate desire to “disappear completely”: have you ever met Leelah Alcorn?

Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet Leelah – I was just one of the hundreds of thousands that were moved by her letter posted online in December last year.

What about the term “phobia”? Is it the most appropriate to define a certain way of dealing with different sexualities?

The Literacy student inside me loves the term! It implies that the people discriminating against various sexualities, it reduces them to a coward, which a phobia does. It’s not very appropriate as it implies that a sexuality is something to be afraid of.

Do you think art should always have a purpose?

In that art should have the purpose of being a genuine, sincere expression, yes.

Your personal idea about Fashion:

A big part of fashion is having the confidence to pull off any outfit you wear — a model should always be encouraged to demonstrate self confidence as opposed to chronic insecurity.


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