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“It hurts to love. It’s like giving yourself to be flayed and knowing that at any moment the other person may just walk off with your skin” — quote Susan Sontag…

As far as this statement goes, pertaining to my work, I suppose it might be more something I relate to as a person, well I can certainly empathise with the emotions behind the sentiment and furthermore it moves me.
I’ve been accused on countless occasions of being over sensitive and this could well have leached into my work. Vulnerability is something I also like to play with and I look for it in my models/friends/family/boyfriend which might lead a viewer to spot my insecurity.
However, I would be more interested in what you identified in my work that led you to choose this quote, you are the intrigue here.


What’s the secret of the female body which makes it one of the most attractive and celebrated subjects ever?

In honesty the curves pull me in, but in reality it’s the familiar. That which I know best and realte to quickest. So far it’s a vessal for my own self portature, an excuse for self-indulence when repression is all I have without it. If only I was more articulate, I wouldn’t need any of this. Or maybe I should date a therapist, I could be cured of this displacement. Now I turn to men. I’ve been shooting men recently.


Do you think you just need a good camera to take good photos?

Well, it can help, but, no, that’s just finesse. Intutition isn’t about the finishing touches, it’s much rawer that all that.

One of your ordinary day in Norfolk:

Two lives, or, for all intents and purposes, two typical days. One by the sea with a man and a dog, the other in a small room in the city with dried flowers on the walls and a darkroom looming out back. It’s rather neglected right now. It’s been something of a strange and beautiful year.


Who’s the Martyr?

Maxine, my now long-term muse. Acting up as the beautiful female Jesus I feel she is.
They were orginally Christmas cards, they just migrated online.

Your relationship with the term “fashion”:

Ha! Ok, tenuous. Still waiting to be cool again.


How much does an artist have — or must have — to do with pain?

Depends who you are. I know David Lynch thinks you can’t have pain to work. Me, well, it’s a therapy, a surrogate at times for real spoken emotion. Not always a healty way of being. I’m working on being honest and open, who knows what will happen to the work.

A memory you’d never want to lose:

This one time I ripped my tights, it wasn’t even my fault.



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