Lexicon Infernali

A nod to the 17th century Dictionnaire Infernal


We always try to give a demonic face to every torment of our existence,
magically finding ourselves
catapulted into infernal landscapes,
inflamed by our madness.

Dark and desolate places that, depending on the nature of damnation,
become images of a fatal isolation.
Sometimes an exhibition is but a ritual to know
and get rid of their own demons.

Mortensen A Tantric Priest cut

From the Dictionnaire Infernal by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy — 1818 —, about demons and their hierarchies, to an encyclopedic lexicon of artists with a shamanic sensibility.

William Mortensen, Heiko Müller, Caitlin Karolczak, Brittany Markert, Alessia Iannetti, Colin Christian, Jel Ena, A.W. Sommers, Barry William Hale, Lori Field, Loic Lucas, El Gato Chimney, Cecilia Avendaño Bobillier, Caitlin McKormick, Shawn Thornton, David Molesky, Cendrine Rovini, Stephanie Lucas, Elizabeth Shupe, Gigi Chen, Nyahzul Bianco, Kalyana Thiru, Bree Jonson, Ray Robinson, Samuel D Gliner, Andreas Cellarius, Darcilio Lima, A. Fiorello, Charles Dellschau, Erna Kd, Matthew Dutton, Romney De Hooghe, Jen Jones, Jacob Bohmer, Rob Bowen, Masea Shimoichi, Joel Lorand, Kim Bo Yung, Tine Kindermann.

Lexicon Infernali
Stephen Romano Gallery
from September 3 to October 15
New York

2 Commenti su Lexicon Infernali

  1. Thank you so much to for this thoughtful preview of “Lexicon Infernali” opening Sept 3 at Stephen Romano Gallery in Bushwick!

  2. The image of the double nude is by Brittany Markert.

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