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“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite” — quote William Blake…

When, working, I can almost completely lose myself, in the details of the ribs of a leaf, of a branch, in the plot of a bark, of a starry sky, or in the chiaroscuro of a face. When I don’t feel hunger or thirst, don’t feel the flow of time or the anxiety… At that moment, maybe I’m on the other side.

poltergeist rit3It is a world that is leaving less and less breath to the romantic aspects of things: How much madness lies in the pursuit of certain ideals?

Sometimes I think it’s a losing battle, unless this trend is not preserved in an intimate and personal, lived in the imagination, carried away from this world.


How far a child is able to protect his world from the power of grown-ups?

Some children are able to protect their world by taking refuge or barricading themselves in it, creating a universe much more complex and fantastic as empty or aggressive will be the environment in which they are immersed. This is what even adults can do if they have great imaginative and creative skills.

Just one kiss

Do you think that beauty is really something subjective or are there actually limits?

Beauty for me is something subjective that may lie even in the most unexpected places.
Also a certain kind of horror can be beautiful,
on its way.

resample(lanczos) (13)How do you distinguish the pure sensuality
from a mere attitude?

I think you can differentiate them on the basis of our feelings.
The sheer sensuality stirs something deep inside, while an attitude remains on the surface,
and then it slips away.

resample(lanczos) (14)

Do you think the increase of people who are dedicated to art today corresponds to an increase of sensitivity in the world?

No, not necessarily. The media and technology have made art accessible to a wider audience. I think, on the one hand, you see an attitude that enjoys art in a more superficial way, almost “fashionable”, while on the other hand, this phenomenon can be interpreted as a quest for greater sensitivity, as a push towards it.

lieve copy rit3In you I feel so dirty, In you I crash cars, In you I feel so pretty, In you I taste god, We must never be apart” — quote Smashing Pumpkins: What role did the distance play in your relationships?

I believe that each of us is alone in his world, in the end. The relationships that we establish with other people, and feelings that follow, are an effort we make to establish contact, a communication attempt and approach between our world and that of others. On a subconscious level, the work I make with my artistic practice is also a way to feel close to the important people in my life, real and present people, some missing, some others who are fading away. I created a place to encompass all these appearances together, somewhere.

resample(lanczos) (15)

A memory of your childhood you would do without:

They are too personal things to be shared.


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