Flowers by Jim

with Jim Avignon

1beauty and pain Beauty can pierce one like pain — quote Thomas Mann: Can you describe this kind of pain?

I can’t, I don’t experience beauty as pain, maybe this concept is a product of a religious view that you have to suffer to experience beauty? I am not in it.

2personal definition Your personal definition of artist:

Ideally art and music are catalyzing a process of thought. As an artist you want your art to help people want to start to think about life, want to send their thoughts and feelings on a long trip into the unknown. Your paintings are like landscapes where their thoughts can get lost, your music and your lyrics are like ships that bring them somewhere. I like that art usually doesn’t direct where your thoughts have to go.

3goodartist Art should always have a purpose, or you just have to be good?

If only we had the handbook of how to make good art! I liked Andy Warhol who liked all kind of art and artists and disliked artists who believed in being superior.

4relevant Is there any way to stay relevant with their own work?

I believe most artwork is just relevant to the times it was made. Only those who managed to come up with something that makes everything else look really old and a few who dig deep to the basics — like in greek dramas or Shakespeare — stay relevant for all times.

5dedication to art Do you think the increase in the number of people who are dedicated to art corresponds to an increase in sensitivity in the world?

I wish but I am not sure, I think it rather corresponds with a sensitivity in the possibilities to make a lot of money with art.

6rome Something on your experience in Rome:

I never really felt like a member of the Street Art scene, I’m not sure about their codes and attitude. When I was asked to do a piece in Rome, I wanted to comment on the genre itself. I made a giant Modigliani nude with little streets on her body and called the whole thing “Street Art”. Apart from the humor, it wasn’t very typical for my style but I liked it being a “cover version”.

7the human race The human race will be able to unite at least before the next apocalypse, or it will act as always, fighting against itself?

As the truly pessimistic optimist that I am, on the one hand I believe in the good but on the other hand I don’t believe that people learn from their mistakes, avoiding to repeat them someday. I also believe in entropy/chaos and don’t believe in the concept of the one good master plan that will make everything better.
Every good thing will also invent new problems and vice versa.

8dreamer Do you think a dreamer is more a deluded, a nostalgic or just a barking mad?

All of the above but most of it a dreamer is someone who prefers to stay in his own kind of reality and is able to fade out the reality he/she has to live in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Is there a typical saying of your country that represents you?

I can only think of sayings that don’t represent me like Der frühe vogel fängt den wurm*.

10memory from the past A memory from your past:

I once stole my own artwork. Here’s the story:
I once had to paint one of those live size Berlin bear sculptures, that you can see all over the city of Berlin. Mine was standing on a very popular spot on Kudamm next to a Diesel store. I didn’t really want to paint it, but got talked into doing it by a local newspaper that promised me that those bears would been only on display for some months and then would got auctioned for a good cause. In fact that never happened and when I complained about the missing auction, I only got told I had to be happy for that promo and shut up. After two years I was fed up with the situation and decided to do something about it by myself: I rented a truck, asked a couple of friends to help me, and we stole the bear at night and hid it in some garage. To our surprise it took them one month to find out that the bear was missing, somehow nobody noticed that it was gone but once they found out, there’s been a big buzz. Newspapers, magazines… it was even in the main Tv news. Everybody suspected that I did it but they couldn’t prove it because I had a perfect alibi for the time they thought it had been stolen. I had the bear in a friend’s garden in Bavaria for twelve years and it then went back to Berlin to headline the Berlin festival with a Pussy Riot mask and has now a beautiful place facing the river Spree, somewhere in east Berlin.

bonustrack my wall in brooklyn *

The early bird catches the worm / Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca / Les lève-tôt attrape le ver / Al que madruga, dios le ayuda…


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