Late 19th

with Aaron Coberly

If you were allowed to live a few days in a bygone era, what would you choose?

Definitely late 19th early 20th century. I look at that time as the 60’s were to music. It was a revolution of style where artists were experimenting and pushing the limits of what they wanted to see, more than what other wanted them to create.

Do you think there are soul places where art has no need to be shared?

I don’t know, I do think some artists create work for themselves only and I respect that. Most artists I know rely on the community of sharing either for their own work which goes into paying the bills and with the works of other, which is essential for education and inspiration.


How much is important, in art, to hear from someone “you’re good, keep it up”?

I think feedback is essential for the process because at its core art is a communication device so the connection with others is very important. You must be careful though how you take the compliments, I have always felt that most compliments are just positive stepping-stones on my journey but don’t have a major effect on the destination but are better at confirming my course. For me it is important where the complement is coming from as well if it is coming from another artist that I admire it carries much more weight.

Are there any techniques in art, which you can consider outdated?


What is the secret of the female body that makes it one of the most inspiring subject ever?

It’s the curves.


Your own personal definition of beauty:

That is a very difficult question. I see beauty in so many different things that I don’t know if there is a single definition. There are obviously the big natural moments like a sunset or a rainbow a waterfall or giant rock beach like one we have here in the Northwest. One Natural beauty that I really enjoy is when the sky is gray and a little stormy but the evening sun is peeking through the clouds and it creates this amazing orange light that contrasts against the dark clouds it really is breathtaking. There is also the human beauty that can be so overt that everyone would agree that that person is beautiful or there is the subtle beauty found in a particular look or a kind face. There is also the beauty in decay or damage it can do a lot with your perception of what you are witnessing and what you bring to the table. Beauty has a lot to do with a person’s perception of the moment, I think beauty is everywhere if you are open to it.


What should be the right use of social networks for an inspired artist?

A platform of sharing.

A memory from your past:

In my senior year of High School, I was invited to a life drawing class at a local art school. The class lasted for 2 hours and the teacher made everyone draw with their non-dominant hand. The goal was to realize that art is a mental activity more than a mechanical one. I learned more that day then all my public school art classes combined.



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  1. Beautiful paintings. I love the nudes.

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