Bring to Life

with George Jeo

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but also dream,
not only plan, but also believe

Anatole France

Some say that dreams are a major source of inspiration for an artist…

Dreams are part of my imagination. In our dreams things happen exactly how we want them to be, so I try to bring them to life.

Where’s the head of humanity?

What touches me is the interest people show for my work, because it’s quite difficult to show the old-times-style with success today, while I’m obsessed with renaissance and victorian era, the style in our time is quite different. It’s difficult to approach people in this kind of style.

GJ 42

GJ 27

Have you ever wondered what is the reason that drives a person to devote himself to photography?

I believe that some people are in need to express their emotions through art. For me photography is a way to express what I feel and my visions for the world.

How much does the madness have to do with Surrealism?

I think it depends on each person. Surrealism needs a little bit of madness when it comes to art. I personally think these two things are quite similar.

After centuries of torments and studies on art, do you think there is a universal definition of beauty?

In my opinion there’s not a universal definition of beauty. Everyone have their own opinion on what is beautiful or not. I believe that beauty exists in every single thing in the world. For me, beauty is a light inside us, our emotions that I love to capture in my portraits.

GJ 15

Do you think you just need a good camera or Ipod to take good photos?

Whether you have a good camera or an ipod, the important thing is what you capture and how strong is the image you get, no matter its quality.

Something on your working method:

While I’m shooting, it’s just me, my camera and the person or subjet in front of it.

The right soundtrack for your visions:

Bel Air by Lana Del Rey.


GJ 25


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