Anything is possible

with Scott Radke

It’s easy to believe in magic when you’re young. Anything you couldn’t explain was magic then.
Electricity and elves were both infinitely mysterious and equally possible…

Charles de Lint

Fairy tales and their extraordinary inhabitants only exist in places like mountains or forests?

Any place a person’s mind wants to put them works. All open and anything is possible.

Do you think there is an effective method to keep their own emotions away from the merciless gears of reality?

Meditation for sure. Teaching them to control their thoughts — and so their emotions. Then whatever reality happens to them it won’t be so overwhelming.

Witch 2

What are the special moments for your inspiration?

When it just happens on its own — when I find that place of emptiness where things just happen. There is a place though that I guess you can never force but sometimes I wish I could. Where it all just feels out of your control and so full of energy. Not questioning anything not thinking and is like soemthing is working through you. Can’t beat that part.

Brief notes on materials and working method:

I start with a quick sketch, then make faces, then armatures out of wire, tape, foil, or wood, add clay — then paint, clothing which is usually burlap —, then I paint that.


Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism… What is your relationship with these terms?

Those are lables for art that I guess some people might think what I create belongs to.

Our attraction to the puppets is perhaps also due to some sort of identification with them and their wires?

Yes — we all feel pulled along by strings at times, don’t we? We can all relate willing or not.

Do you ever worry that someone might find your creatures a little disturbing?

They do — no worry. I don’t mind — my work is not an exact reflection of me, it’s just what comes out, disturbing or not. It’s not my fault nor is it my achievement.


Your most oppressive fears:

The fear of fear itself but I’ve learned to embrace all of it and become a sort of friend with all of them. It’s the only way I think is possible of dealing with them.

A memory from the past:

First thing that popped in my head when you asked this was walking through a farm field with forest surrounding it, when I was probably 11 or 12, and watching a silhouette of a fox slowly wander across in front of me at sunrise.




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