Melting faces § Stories § District

A project by David Capone



A wall, three cultures, three memories, three street artists: A journey into the half-breed heart of Torpignattara

This is an emotional journey into the deep essence of a complex, contradictory, stratified neighborhood. Born from the hybridisation of Italian culture, Torpignattara went through the first and the second war, it resisted and fought fascism, and reinvented itself after the war, becoming today a real laboratory of the new Rome.

All told from the voice of three families: the Caporello’s — historical italian family of butchers in the neighborhood —, the chinese one of Liu — fled from the origin country for the love of a daughter who was born and that, in China at the time, meant loss job and poverty —, and the Bengali one of Rupali — the only Christian family in almost all Muslim resident in Torpignattara.


Each of the three international artists, Diavù, Lucamaleonte and Nicola Alessandrini, will meet the family that will inspire the work of the collective mural. During the working of this, the voices of the neighborhood will join to the story through their urgencies and impressions, giving to the entire film its universal face.

Coming Next!


We just need a little help to fund the editing of the Project. You can book your quota through the green button “PRENOTA” and then choose the number of quotas — Each one is equivalent to 10 €. You can also choose between two types of rewards — “RICOMPENSA” —, depending on the donation, to see your name or the name of your business — including logo — in the end credits and receive a limited edition poster-stencil by Diavù. For any other information, please write to Thank you for your attention.



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