with Hollis Brown Thornton

This is my way of saying goodbye,
Because I can’t do it face to face,
I’m talking to you after it’s too late,
From my videotape


Do you think a farewell would sound less touching from a blu ray?

Maybe for my generation, but not for younger people. CDs are beautiful, they have that inherent quality, with the color spectrum tilted in light. Pretty soon, putting a CD into a device will feel pretty ancient and maybe even touching.

What kind of feelings characterize a digital existence?

Efficiency. Less stuff. It is why the old things, so important at one time, are special now. A tangible object, it seems silly, but as we move away from it, we realize it is something we really like.

pac man

The dangers in feeling nostalgic about the past:

Nostalgia idealizes the past. There is no danger in it, unless you either forget the reality of the past and/or you believe an idealized past is better than the potential of what comes next.

Art should always have a purpose, or you just need to be good?

Art should only have a purpose to the person making it, whatever it may be. People who make things for other people or with anticipation of other people’s acceptance, are performers or producers. Art comes from an internal desire to express an intangible. It is why artists spend their entire lives doing what they do. When I say this, I’m not talking about art as an elite or better thing, it is just a different objective.

Is there a particular reason behind the choice of your style?

Everything I do works with the balance of precision and the inherent limitation of making things by hand. Most of my decisions are based around that balance.


The invasion of pixels makes us closer or more alone?

Closer. I met my wife on myspace, around eight years ago. Through the internet, I am able to live as an artist. I’m sure it is how you saw my work.

A memory from the past:

When I was 6, a kid dared me to knock him off a sliding board. We were probably 15 feet off the ground and I kicked him off the slide. I actually kicked him in the chest several times until he fell off the ladder. Then I slipped down and continued playing, as if nothing happened. He gashed his eye during the fall. Looking back, I feel bad about it, I could have really hurt him. But as a kid, I didn’t have that boundary or empathy, it was a simple raw reaction. I like to remember the positives and negatives in that potential.

The right soundtrack for your visions:

I have loved R.E.M. since the 10th grade and listen to them daily. But Boards of Canada would possibly be a better soundtrack to my thought process.



1 Commento su Videotape

  1. Agree. The artist searches within and expresses what is there outwardly. You cannot put a dollar amount on that process. It is priceless.


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