Their fur

with Irma Kaňová

It seems that mankind has discovered an indispensable adoration for the feline race: do you think there’s a particular reason?

According to my latest experience, it’s all a question of their fur: if they have it, they are adorable, if not they become off-putting for many people.

Angels and demons in stopping moments for eternity:

There is a piece of an angel and a demon in all of us, so they will survive for eternity.

When you stay alone in your places…

I go looking for company.

How much does it take to protect our be sensitive from the icy mechanisms of the world?

Engaging in art is a good way to protect myself.


Your relationship with the term “fashion”:

Fashion is passion for me. PhotoVogue is an addiction, strong motivation, neverending thrill, new friendships and inspiration. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take part in this daily competition of passing through a sieve everyday decisions of editors about approval of photos. I love to be part of it.

Do you think the attachment to the child’s sensuality always hide some dangers?


An idiot said that beauty will save the world — quote Dostoevskij: we have to believe in him?

Generally it is a basic psychological notion that what is beautiful is good, because we tend to identify ourselves with everything is nice. However, everybody perceive beauty differently, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

A memory you’d like to delete from your existence:

There are none. All memories I have I use for my benefit. There hasn’t been any tragic moment in my life, whatever bad happened to me I forgot and when I failed, I tried to take a lesson from that. What was supposed to happen happened. This is just my way of living my life.




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