Aesthetic Sensational

With Finbarr "Fin" DAC


The beauty of Street Art, as many say, is to find something unexpected on your way, while you’re completely absorbed in the perimeters of your thoughts. And sometimes that unexpected becomes sensational.

Why it’s only through art that you reveal the most beautiful things around us?

My art, and my immersion in it, was a way out of a very negative time in my life… its beauty and importance cannot be exaggerated for me. It was and still is my savior and there’s little more beautiful than that.

If you were forced to choose whether to live, in a gallery or on the street, where would you spend the rest of your days?

The street… definitely. I don’t do much gallery work anyway simply because I’d rather not dance with that particular devil if I don’t have to. Luckily I am able to support myself financially in other ways. The street speaks to people in an immediate sense and in a scenario in which they’re comfortable to express their opinion.

Human body: an ideal way to express every mood or, simply, one of the subjects still very popular?

Both a means of expression and a subject matter for artist and creatives that has stood the test of time.

Fin Dac palms+ sphinx

If you could replace the term “Street-Art” with another one that you feel most appropriate, which one would you use?

I never refer to my work as Street Art… I use the term “Urban Aesthetics” as I feel it’s the best way to describe and define what my work is about.

How much importance takes provocation today in attracting attention to your message?

For me, none whatsoever. Hopefully with my work the beauty does all the talking and it has a loud enough voice not to require anything else. I have made a point that my work shouldn’t be about social or political messaging. The original “Aesthetics” stated that art should only be about beauty… I have adopted that ethos in its entirety.

Something on your experience in Rome:

My experience in Rome and Italy as a whole was wonderful. I had friends, artists and people in general who were willing to give me their time, their homes, their food and their walls… I couldn’t have asked for more.


The Social Network: a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

I worked in digital advertising as a web developer/designer before I became a full-time artist so my experience of the web has only ever been a good thing. Those that get trapped in it just lack the imagination to do their utmost with what they’re shown/given.

Beauty will really save the world?

We can live in hope.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

Giving my mum a piece of art I had done of her father just after his death… she cried a lot but it was obvious it meant a lot to her. She still has it hanging on a wall in her house some 30 years later.





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