My Blood

A project with Giulia Bersani


Many loves,


in different stages of their lives,


underestimate one of the most distinctive traits of personality.
That is


the blood type.

A mixture of kissing subjects, to create a single “very human machine” driven by different kinds of love, different maturity and with different depths, scratched or less from the time, sensual or maternal.
To emphasize the vital, organic, nature of kiss, the blood type marked on the faces.
Everything emphasized by red, in the form of filter in its various shades, from pink-orange to purple.
Camera film, used instead of digital technology, adds a kind of imperfection to the images.
The defects worked in parallel to the blood group, making every single kiss as individual and special. They ended up being the project’s strong point. As the blood type, it strengthened everyone’s personality and identity.

Kiss my Blood

Giulia Bersani + Matteo Domenichetti
B Type

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5 Commenti su My Blood

  1. Una cascata di intimità.

  2. L’ha ribloggato su fall of the fishmane ha commentato:
    Of love and crucial transfusions….. by Giulia Bersani + Matteo Domenichetti — featured in delicious artzine Dioniso Punk.

  3. Amar and give kisses to all ages is a must to be happy right.


  4. Very cool.

  5. This is beautiful. ❤


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