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With Ana Juan

Ana Juan


Do you think the height of the paintings in museums pay little attention to the look of a child?

Of course yes! They don’t pay attention to the view of a child. I just back from México where I had a couple of exhibitions, Frida and Snowhite, in both exhibitions the pictures were hold at “child size”. Adults visitors were unhappy about to bend their backs but the kids enjoyed the fact that the pictures were at the same size than their eyes.

There are only memories to make, over time, a still hot hug?

Could you image a life without a memory?
We are living and creating memories than later will help us to stay alive.

Faithful love is just about strippers and punctual clients?

No, it isn’t. Faithful Love is about a couple whom met everyday at the same time at the same place… Could be a seller and a client, or a bus driver and a passenger…
A love story has no rules. Love is whatever we want to be.

We were a little hurt about the burning of the twins, in Circus. Maybe we had the wrong idea about certain shows?

Circus are not fear, circus are cruel, cruel to the animals and to the own artists.
Circus gives us an idea of fake happiness and, for that reason, they have a certain decadent charm that, honestly, we all love.

The purpose of fairy tales is just to warn against something, or even to give a certain charm to our concerns?

Many years ago the fairy tales tried to warn the people about the dangers, and I think the message is still available. Who has no fear about the monsters are living behind the safety walls of home? Who has no fear about the monster is living inside us?


What is the difference between the naive and the dreamer?

The naive accepts the reality and the dreamer can change it in his dreams.

Things that make you cry:

Unhappily, I have not the control of my tears, I can weep as an idiot for unimportant matters and then stay serene in a funeral.

What could be the ultimate dream of an illustrator?

Having accomplished his own dreams and projects and having been paid for it.

“And they lived happily ever after”: Is there a real way to happiness?

There is not only one way to happiness.
Everyone of us has a different idea about happiness so we just have to find our own way in spite what the society expect from us.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

When my father said to me “Let’s go outside to look for something”.
In everywhere, on the beach or in the country side, we always found “something”, precious treasures as snails, tools, rare stones…
Nowadays, I never come home with empty pockets. Always, I can find “something” on my way that pays my attention.


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