Santa and the juggler

With Mohamed Danawi


What do you think is the last secret hope of humanity?

Santa. I think Santa is an amazing man and if you believe in him you will be healed from all the ills and misfortunes of humanity.

The power of a parent can affect the sensitivity of a child permanently, or maybe there’s always a way to escape?

Yes, there is always a way to escape, or in other words, move on and be adopted by the world around you, your travels, your friends, the strangers you meet and the experiences in your life will continue shaping your sensitivity, it never ends and nothing is permanent.

When you stay alone in your rooms…

I sing old French songs, messing up the lyrics.

What is the very moment someone realize to be an artist or something like that?

When they do something and someone-other than their mother-says WOW!

The illustration of your life:

Any illustration that is well designed and crafted and that communicates a clever concept. But if you mean, “that represents my life” I would say a juggler, blindfolded, on one foot and drunk, Juggling buffalos, naked.


Do you think the increase in the number of people who are dedicated to art corresponds to an increase in sensitivity in the world?

There is no increase or decrease in sensitivity, and I don’t think you would measure it that way. I think you are seeing more artists now because there are more platforms beyond galleries and museum where you can see art, good or bad, and these technology driven platforms are easily accessible from any part of the planet, hence why it appears there are more people creating and dedicating their lives to art. The guy who drew on the cave walls of Lascaux for instance, probably a couple of family members saw and appreciated his/her work at that time and there are many more who did the same, but their work was never seen and was buried away.

Your feelings about the word “entertainment”:

If it’s entertaining then I will be entertained. If not, then I’m not. Strange question, next.

Something about your “zoo”:

Ah, the zoo! Do we have time or space? Basically it’s an agency that I started because I wanted to represent world-class artists, illustrators, designers, animators, and in general innovative, creative, cutting-edge, hand picked, kick-ass, almighty, visually stunning creative people from all over the world and market their skills to the creative fields internationally[…]

Things that make you cry:


The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

Walking in the streets of Accra looking for the perfect sugar cane vendor, finding him, buying loads of it and taking it home, freezing it then devouring all after a lazy afternoon nap with the sweet delicious cold juice oozing out of it.


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