Just a series of coffee cups

by Paula Nerhus

These pieces have been tormenting me my entire life, starting way back when I was a child. Being the youngest of seven children made it impossible to be heard. Eccentric characters worked their way into my world whether I wanted them around or not. I define it as, “I make my own friends”. Consider it to be like a driving force, remembering George Frederick Handel who locked himself in his room for twenty days to write the Messiah? Bingo!

Beside complying with the demands I have grown into it and I adore bringing them to life. I can still hear the echoing of my father, the banker’s voice saying, “There is no money in the art field”. Sorry Dad! So many years ago, I was beat over the head and drug into the woods where I have remained captive for ten plus years. I am blessed with tranquility yet sometimes I fear it’s going to turn me into a recluse. On a normal day, the biggest dilemma is whether to get dressed or not. My life is just a series of coffee cups.


I enjoy spending endless hours outdoors during warm weather, I hate being cold. I am kind of a nature freak. You know the kind that hand raises about five baby squirrels, nurses a baby raccoon, and one baby deer. Coddles little birds that smack into the windows. Yeah, that would be me. One summer I even made balls of colored thread and yarn scraps for the birds to use when constructing their one of a kind nest. Well, someone had to do it.

As I once heard my husband screaming, “Why do we live here?!”. Yes, there are days when I can’t take it anymore. I may invite over friends, I might pack a bag and take off for the city, or scratch together adventure of some sort just to drown myself in human contact. I could be considered a touch complex, but let’s not go there today.


I live in a structure that was once a house. Now it’s a red palace I brought to life. Still trying to get a lookout tower out of my husband. Like, can’t you just imagine a glass dome top with a I dream of Jeannie’s bottle, kind of sofa that circles the whole room? Ya, he is still not buying it either.

Did I forget to mention I have seven Jack Russell/Chihuahua designer mutts? Thought I had better fill you in on that. Suppose you’re wanting me to tell you something I never told anyone about me before? Okay, I wanted to be a cop, maybe even a bodybuilder, or a conductor of a symphony orchestra. I don’t know, just an idea.


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