I only miss how easy was to sleep

with Ángela Burón

Ángela Burón has a very mutable anatomy, but which doesn’t lose its sensuality
She seems to see things we may never understand,
so she forces all her friends to smoke…

In your images, every part of the body is not too often in its place: does it have anything to do with insanity or estrangement?

Not sure. I think it’s about the unease I feel when I understand that my notion of reality and reality itself don’t look alike at all.

When you stay alone in your room…

I don’t take my bra off.

What is the difference between the artist and the self-centered?

The artist makes and shows his work because he likes it. An artist just needs to get it off his chest. A self-centered does what he does because others like it, and would do whatever needed to keep his audience.


Do you think sensuality is a natural instinct or you just have to look in a “disturbing” way?

I think we all are confused about sensuality. Naked body doesn’t have to mean sex, sometimes means strength, pain or loneliness, but we see boobs and we leave the meaning out. For example, some people think my pictures are erotic. I think you have a problem if you get horny looking at my pictures.

Is there still something too sinful in our days?

I don’t believe in sin in a religious way. Maybe sin involves everything you do that makes you feel dirty. I’m sure everybody knows what I mean.

Things that make you cry:

Beauty and lack of respect.

I only miss how easy was to sleep

The social network: a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

It depends on how you take it. I like social networks because I can share what I do, and I can reach more people than if I share it only with my acquaitances. But I don’t like to check everyone’s work and life. It saturates and blocks me.

The right soundtrack for your visions:

Maybe the wind, a heartbeat, or the sound of footsteps in an old police movie. I’m not keen on music anymore.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

Sorry, absolutely no idea what to say. I only miss how easy was to sleep.



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