Spleen and Ritual

with Tiane Doan na Champassak

The sensuality of the rite and the slums blazes in the shots of
Tiane Doan na Champassak

Human body: an ideal way to express every mood or, simply, one of the subjects still very popular?

Neither. A necessity for me to express my obsessions and confront my issues photographically.

In a world flooded with images, what else could be the social purpose of photography?

No matter how much we are bombarded with images today, photography is still very young, evolving and still has so much to say. It is the main artistic medium of the present and will remain for a very long time.



Sunless: something about the blue, white and red moods:

Trilogy, triptych, trinity. A wink to the beautiful Thai flag.

Do you think the term “phobia” is the most appropriate to define a certain way of dealing with different sexualities?

Phobia is a very strong word, so I would prefer “ignorance”.

What kind of time we are living in?

A time during which everything goes fast, too fast!

Credo India 6

How much does the madness have to do with the illumination of an artist?

We are all mad but not all artists.

Do you think art should have a purpose, or you just have to be good?

Of course art has a purpose. A world without art would be extremely regressive and empty. Art is political, intellectual, controversial and sometimes even beautiful.

Your fears:

Snakes and aging.

One of your recurring dreams or memories:

Plane crashes comes back in my dreams and I love to remember the stillness and quiet after a Canadian snowstorm.

The right soundtrack for your shots:

Schubert’s Piano trios.


Siam's Guy

Siam’s Guy

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