Acid Baby Jesus

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From Athens, the acid visions of some baby Jesus

Where we can find the “vegetable” today?

Noda – In your local record shop, hearing it on the internet or live, in one of our shows.

Marko – I have some in my fridge.

Do you think that pure geniuses as Barrett, are really all destined to be vegetable being?

Noda – I don’t know really, I hope not.

Marko – That sounds very pessimistic. I’m sure that’s not the case. Also what’s a pure genius?

Is there a secret to escape from a place — an era — we don’t like?

Noda – Listening to music, reading a book.

Marko – Don’t know if it’s a secret, but isolating some of your senses can work wonders. Others try heavier stuff. Escaping mental and sensory noise is a challenge for our generation and many to come. The one who figures it all out will get filthy rich.

Who is Jesus, for you?

Noda – Sounds like a nice guy, but can’t say the same about Christians.

Marko – Influential dude. Many of his followers throughout history misinterpreted his words and used them to their advantage. He didn’t seem to mind though. It’s all in the distant past now but he still holds a lot of influence. Isn’t that something?

To hear the TV or social networks today, it seems that Greece is a country at the mercy of events: what is the truth?

Noda – It’s definitely an ugly and fucked up time to live here but at the same time it’s really fascinating.

Marko – I can’t say if it’s at the mercy of events. If it were that simple, no one would have any blame. A lot of people are certainly caught in the crossfire but I don’t underestimate the collective intelligence of society. I think this is all part of a natural circle. Something is dying here, and something is born. We try to focus on the new stuff.


Something about the world music scene:

Noda – In general I like music that carries traditional traits and these days it feels like everything is the same and everything has merged and it suddenly becomes boring in my mind. To me a lot of music I hear these days sounds like it’s made to fit that internet/blog genre but maybe thats just me getting older.

Marko – Agree with the above. I feel like folk/traditional music is distilled through generations and generations, born and reborn through time, made to serve people as a whole and the writer as an individual. That’s what makes it timeless. It’s music with purpose, structure and history. I’m sure there’s tons of good music being made right now that I know nothing about. I’m still struggling to cope with the amount of older music floating around. That’s OK with me. I believe honest music is almost always good, as is any kind of honest art. We don’t need to know or understand everything.

We are really still able to determine if a song is good or not, beyond the music market?

Noda – Of course.

Marko – Anyone who can think for themselves can and should make that judgement. “Good” is a very subjective term when it comes to music.

The way you are answering these questions — Stand up, sitting. Alone, or at the bar…

Noda – Just woke up and I’m sitting down in my underwear.

Marko – Ha, who answers questions at a bar?

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

Noda – Sitting with my grandfather on his porch waiting to shoot weasels that enter the garden.

Marko – Staring at the door frame in our old apartment till it starts to dance left and right.


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