V for Vitalic

The Film

V for Vitalic Your Disco I just had a blurred image of a dark box where a disco ball glittered in […]

Your Disco Song
Christine Massy

V for Vitalic Stamina It was like a dance song in a horrible nightmare. Of course, that’s when I fell in love […]

Saman Kesh

V for Vitalic Poison Lips I wanted to picture an invasion, making it beautiful, melancholic, sexual […]

Poison Lips
Julien Levy

V for Vitalic Fade Away2 The piece immediately took me into a cinematic universe, I can’t say why […]

Fade Away
Romain Chassaing

V for Vitalic Second Lives Sixty people marched in the bathrooms! To put it short, I spent four days in front of the door of a toilet […]

Second Lives
Julien Henry

Poney part1 With this film, we wanted to do a very simple project about naivity, freedom and happiness. We didn’t wanted to push the funny thing that was already in the picture. We wanted to go further, to transform dogs into creatures, strange shapes. We wanted to start from an everyday reallity, and turn it into something unfamiliar, like Magritte: this is not a pipe, this is not a dog… And we love dogs!
We started to find music when we were on editing. We’ve heard a lot of tracks. After we just re-edit with little adjustment to fit better with the tempo. When we tried Vitalic, it fitted so perfectly, with a 80’s shift, we knew it was the track. We wanted to add those laser lines, so, the track was going in that direction. It’s an electro tack with a sense of melody. It has a dance floor taste mixed with mysticism/illumination/extasis. A good combination.

Poney Part 1


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