With Saman Kesh

Stamina Cov


1. Try to get out of bed — my biggest weakness.
2. Be honest with my gut — does the song suck or is it powerful.
3. Listen to the song a few times & make sure I’m not sick of it.
4. While listening, right some ideas & gather some images together.
5. After some brainstorming, I begin to put together a treatment while listening to other music that gives me same mood — in order to not get sick of track.
6. Submit treatment and forget I wrote about it.

First impression:

It was a sick song. Not as in “Sick man, that’s awesome!”, it was awesome, but it was also demented and menacing. It was like a dance song in a horrible nightmare. Of course, that’s when I fell in love.

The story:

I had just recently lost a lot of weight. I was about 160 at the time, losing 40 pounds before. The song made me remember all the horrible thoughts of discomfort when it’s your first day trying to lose weight. It’s tough, painful and often times kind of emotionally damaging. However, like in Fight Club, you need to break yourself down in order to re-build yourself back up. I wanted to make a video that had that subtextual quality, but wrapped into a murder mystery/conspiracy plot.

Techniques and equipment:

We shot most of it on a Arri Alexa, and the fight sequence on the RED Epic.

Saman lat1

Vitalic bizarre:

I think Vitalic has a twisted sensibility in his music. It’s both fun, poetic, but also “evil”. I love that about it. His journey from 2005 — his first album — to now, has been a battle between his dark side & his “pretty” side. I think it makes for compelling music because it’s emotionally confusing — in that great way.

The importance of the clip:

Imagine making a beautifully heart wrenching scene that is powerful and poetic. A kind of feeling similar to the end of Shawshank Redemption or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now, imagine fucking it up with a horrible song. Nobody looks back at the most famous music videos and goes “Look at this awesome music video for a shitty song!”, right?


I vowed to only make videos for songs that make me feel. They don’t need to be band of which I’m already fan. If a song is by an artist I don’t know or don’t like, but it’s a unique & engaging track that makes me feel something strong… I am open to it.

The scene:

Past: More commercial with less freedom, yet more money and less competition.
Present: More freedom but painfully hard to get noticed, and the lifestyle equivalent to a homeless person.

The video from the past:

Too hard to choose, but Chemical Brothers Star Guitar, by Michel Gondry or Front 242 Headhunter, by Anton Corbijn.

saman low1

V for Vitalic