Fade Away

With Romain Chassaing

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To be honest, I don’t have a specific method, each project is different and my desires are in constant evolution. What doesn’t change is a great prep work to control the project at best, but we have little time left for the video clip as for shooting. So we have to be well advanced to make good decisions when we are in the midst of the storm.

First impression:

About this video clip, the piece immediately took me into a cinematic universe, I can’t say why, but if we listen well, it’s not so cinematographic.

The story:

When I received the project Fade Away by Vitalic, I was on a train going to a festival of short films, and in this train there were posters for the festival, one of them illustrated a man with a gun and silencer. I said myself it was a theme I had never explored, then I started to write in this topic, when the train arrived at the station I had finished writing my idea.

Techniques and equipment:

We shot with a camera, with Alexa Fabien Benzaqem who is the cinematographer for this project. We used travelling and steadycam. I am very happy with the scenes created with the steadycam in the video, they were filmed by Loic Andrieu.

Romain Lat1

Vitalic bizarre:

There are some “weird” sounds in Vitalic.

The importance of the clip:

I would say that the good video accompanying the good songs but, without good music, it’s hard to make a good video.

The scene:

It’s very exciting because there are a lot of filmmakers and very talented collective, we are always challenged by new projects, this motivates, gives nervous and it makes you want to do even better. I work with my two producers associated Tiry Nicolas and Edouard Chassaing — my cousin — and the clip is a space with little creative restrictions, we have fun, the video scene is very exciting for the whole world.

The video from the past:

There are too many of them.

Romain Low

V for Vitalic