Your Disco Song

With Christine Massy

Your Disco Cov



I love the simplicity, meeting an artist to try to better understand his personality, then it inspires me.

First impression:

I just had a blurred image of a dark box where a disco ball glittered in.

The story:

Obsession with the disco to the point of using sequins and beams everywhere, even on your body… Working obsession, as far as it could arrive.

Techniques and equipment:

Really nothing: a flashlight, a mini HD camera, even though not a professional model, the apartment of a friend and a good Make Up Artist in service.

Vitalic bizarre:

Vitalic has managed to develop its own universe, he loves the visual and you can feel it in his choices — even for his shows which are very strong.

Your Disco Song Lat

The importance of the clip:

Today, the video is the way to discover music, people spend their time on Youtube or other… I would say 80%!


I bump only into music/artists that I like very much.

The scene:

Today we need no resources or money to create, the material and ideas come together, the people are really uninhibited. This doesn’t make the video quality better, but many more choices, slopes and amazing things.

The video from the past:

I’m a fan of the Michel Gondry work.


V for Vitalic