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With Julien Henry

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I work in advertising, television, and I primarily make video clip.
About the clip, I like to listen to the piece, write a first stream — if the song speaks to me — and submit it to the band. Then I ask them what were the images they had in mind — a movie, a picture…
From there, I rework the clip to give it a new dimension. After that, I compare the ideas to the production reality — budget, deadline, shooting locations, the availability of the band.

First impression:

I know the Vitalic music for a long time. His vinyls made me dance in my adolescence. So, I took the proposal of the clip with enthusiasm.

The story:

When I received the piece Second Lives, the image of the poster — a poster with some people, a bit of crowd inside the toilets — came back to me immediately. A chain of funny or pathetic situations that happen in the bathrooms.
The idea was to leave the lowly rated clubs and I decided to place the toilets in a multinational company. It’s pretty fun carrying out some study and find out about what could happen in the bathrooms.
The clip was shot in four days and about sixty people marched in the bathrooms!
To put it short, I spent four days in front of the door of a toilet.

Techniques and equipment:

The big challenge was to build the toilet with a fake perspective, in order to have a fish eye effect without exaggerating the distance to the point where the people are standing or sitting. The idea was also to find a corner to not see the private parts of people who go to the bathroom. We shot on RED and we had a big postproduction work while the walls of the toilet are slightly crooked during the four days of shooting. We had to put them back to have no differences in the image.


Vitalic bizarre:

I think that Pascal — Vitalic — and his manager Fabrizio, have the high quality of choosing projects with a crazy homogeneity.

The importance of the clip:

With Youtube, people listen to music there. If the video hits, this allows you to take share. Some little-known band have a real strength that is given by the video — the best example is the OK GO.


I do not work — or almost — for some music that doesn’t make me vibrate in a way or another.

The scene:

I am an MTV’s child. The video clips have a primordial importance for me. In eight years in which I make video clips, I could see a strong evolution in the negative sense, in terms of budget. Indeed, the budget for the video clip in Belgium has been lowered by three, four times in eight years. This has necessitated reviewing the models of production. This has had two effects: the clips are easier and less impressive, or otherwise more creative with less budget. We can see that some video clips are impressive and creative. I am thinking in particular of the video by Romain Gavras.

The video from the past:

There are videos of Michael Jackson — Bad and Thriller, of course —, Madonna — Like a Prayer, for example — but also the videos of the Nirvana — Smells like teen spirit — which upset me!
But, one that struck me, and I don’t know well why, is Fight for your Right by Beastie Boys. Without a doubt for its a little fresh and spontaneous side.

Me and the DOP

V for Vitalic

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