with Eduardo Kobra


What is a person as Malala Yousafzai to a technologically advanced world like ours?

Technology does not inspire me, but people inspire me, the wars created and propagated through technology destroy cultures. Malala is life.

Do you ever get the feeling that the word “peace” sometimes hides meanings less “peaceful” behind its abuse?

I think, as in religion, there are distortions in the word peace, but the basic and original meaning can not be changed.

Your current definition of pop art:

In my opinion, nowadays, Pop Art equals Art Market.


Your works are in Rome too, exhibited at the Dorothy Circus Gallery and at the Maam. What are the feelings of exhibiting in the street compared to the ones of hanging in the gallery?

It’s something historic for me, both have their significance, and I believe the artist who emerges from the streets may even migrate to galleries, momentarily, but remaining at his origin gives the true meaning to his work.

What would be the personalities of our current period who deserve a future memory wall?

My mother.

Do you think there is still someone in the world who do not care to be famous?

I do not think there’s anyone like that, but I also see no problem if it — fame — is achieved naturally.


“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” — quote Andy Warhol: What do you think will happen to our life if one day we will lose our attraction for images?

I do not believe we will lose attraction for images unless we all get blind.

And he — Warhol — also said that “sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets”… What do you think about it?

I would also quote the statement that Pollock gave to a journalist who asked him when he knows that the work is finished. He replied: When do you know you finished making love?
The pleasure of painting is continuous and lasts a lifetime, in all cases, even after the work is completed.

What is the right soundtrack for your visions?

Mainly Hip Hop. Public Enemy is one of my favorites.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

The Outskirts, dirt roads, simple pranks on the street.



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