Banana Co-co-co Shish

With Christian Ice



Private videos on Youtube: only a means to give vent to their unsustainable ego or even a way to share the joys and torments with the rest of the world?

Give vent, sure, but not so much to the ego, I was never interested in exposing myself too much, the protagonists are always the characters I deal with.
About give vent, it’s all about the satisfaction of the need for a laugh.

Who is Christian Ice?

Music producer and sound engineer, and minstrel too.
Fifteen years of recording studio open your mind about music, but the process obviously causes damage.

Something on your working method:

Audio before video. The ideas come in songs form, the video becomes the outline of what you hear.
The tools offered by current software and plug-ins can make pretty much anything that comes to mind, musically you can accomplish anything. The same thing cannot be said about video, of course.

How much some intuitions has to do with the madness?

You cannot ask the mad, you’d better leave the judgment to posterity… or psychiatrists.

Digital Age: we are more alone or more close?

More close, definitely. The fears towards technology are the same as those who saw the devil in your phone.
The world has always been made up of different people using technology, but the technology don’t shape the people, it can rather emphasize characteristics already present.


Extremism and obtuseness aside, is there still something to be saved in the sacrifice of the poor Christ? — With reference to your series Così cantò il profeta.

Philosophically speaking, he remains a cutting edge figure for its time.
Philosophy, however, is discussed, you can’t adore it. That said I prefer Confucius. A step ahead of Christ with few centuries in advance.

All around you can hear “let’s hope in this Renzi” : is it a typical local feature – to hope in the changes, continuing to think and act the same way?

There’s a populism epidemic, I don’t know if it starts from the policy and then is absorbed by the people or vice versa. The choruses and slogans are so unsound and equal to themselves that they have become irrelevant.
A change need an objective, it’s not sufficient to reject who you are unless you know what you want to become.

Your fears:

The classic fears. Suffering or disease.

Your hopes:

I’ve got one aim, peace. I dream of a little independent house with photovoltaic panels, a fast Internet connection, and a giant fridge where the beer is never lacking.
Paying rent ruin the nervous system.