That’s Magic

With Marcello Barenghi

Magic Cover


How do you make bottles and other objects appear out of a simple paper sheet?

First of all we need a sense of proportion. Then you have to choose the right colors, it doesn’t matter if they are identical, the important thing is that they have to be consistent with each other. Lights, reflections and shadows are essential for the three-dimensional effect.

Have you ever believed in magic, at least once in your life?

I don’t believe and I never believed in wizards and gurus. As for magical creatures, I would not mind if they existed.

What is the role of social networks in the hard climb to success?

In my case, a key role. It’s thanks to YouTube if I started to draw again, it is thanks to social networks if I’m free and independent.

“When there is no energy there is no color, no shape, no life” — quote Caravaggio: is there still life on our planet?

Sure, there’s plenty of life and much beauty, you just have to know how to and want to look at.

Magic Lat Eng

Do you think art should have a purpose, or you just need to be good?

Art is a subjective concept, the skill is objective. Just because of its subjective nature, for some the work must necessarily have a purpose, for some others not. I think it’s pretentious to give a universal definition of art. Before the work of someone, I can decide by myself if that is art or not. I personally believe that the purpose and skill are not always necessary, while the beauty always is.

Do you really need to follow a good course to become good artists, or is it still important being destined for it?

Follow a good course can help anyone to improve in drawing, but then there’s need to have a bent to achieve certain results, a real interest, commitment, and personal research.

How much does the madness has to do with the insights of an artist?

We should agree on what is madness. I know people who live with their cell phone in hand, who share moments of life, they’re not really living, on social networks, and then when I say I don’t have — and never had — the phone, it’s like I am that mad.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

I had a wonderful childhood, it was a “magic” period of my life. I like to remember the raids bike with my brother in the hills of Monferrato vineyards.


Magic Low



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