Some Velvet

Life delights




Predrag Pajdic: photographer, art director, writer…Then, I didn’t understand what exactly he is. In my mind it makes its way a more romantic version in which he’s heir to a fortune, to an enviable luxury: enjoying the delicious things of life. Working from the comfort of desk of his own well-decorated apartment, cultivating his passion for travel and Art Nouveau.

He seems to be a “fine” (so as would define him our Eduardo De Filippo) lover of champagne, and some ingredients such as pomegranate, beetroot, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, natural coconut water, ripe mango, honey melon, fresh lavender, mint, homemade almond milk, carrots, etc.

He is a passionate collector and seller of objects of a certain style, such as black onyx necklaces with silk tassels or metal figures standing on flying birds.
All these things seem not to ever leave him free to devote just a minute, you know, to inevitable curiosities about his character, to something thought out and looking for thoughts.

Perhaps it’s not so nice but, after enjoying his photographer’s visions, which we hold to propose on Dioniso anyway, in my mind, the spectrum of an ostentatious attitude creeps and can only mark any consideration of the subject, as well as arouse the questions that plague our sensitive consciences for centuries, that is: art is thinking or rather arranging. But, things are never so clear in art. A quirk. They’ve never been so…

We love Velvet. We love Predrag Pajdic.

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