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Ten years of Digitalism: How did you manage to resist for so long?

Resist what? We don’t see making music as a battle. We just didn’t want to emerge, make a record, release it to the world and then go work in an office for the rest of our lives or something. Looking back, it doesn’t even feel that long — and things are only about to get really interesting.

What is the secret of Germany that makes it so electronic?

The great tradition for engineering, and love for precision.

If Beethoven had been born today, what kind of music he would choose to express his genius?

If he was really cheesy he would call himself “Beathoven” and made something with heavy beats. In all other cases: You can be sure that he would make use of the vast variety of techniques and instruments that people have nowadays to make sounds and music. Maybe he’d be so avant-garde that no-one would understand until the next century. But really, what he’d be up to, you would have to ask himself. As he was living in Bonn — south-west Germany — and we’re from Hamburg, it’s more unlikely that we’d known him personally anyway.


How important are roles, in a team?

They’re very important, like in a football team — yes, it’s world cup time, hence the reference.

Is there in you guys — as a band — a brilliant side and a more “practical” one?

We usually say Jence is like the cameraman and Isi a director.

The strengths and weaknesses of the digital age:

Strength: Democratization, like, you don’t have to belong to an elite anymore — or have lots of $$ — to realise your ideas, make music, a movie, travel from A to B. Things have become more affordable, everyone can contribute.
Weakness: The same thing — it leads to amateurism.

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What remains of the spirit of the ’90s rave party?

Every now and then when there’s a new sound or movement emerging somewhere, you can feel that spirit coming back. That’s when people actually care about going to those parties, listening to that “new thing”, dressing up, lining up outside for hours etc. — that’s the real spirit. But it’s not very often, you have to be there, at the right place at the right time to experience it. If you want to catch up in between, thankfully there’s lots of footage from the 90s on Youtube. Some of it is so brilliant, it beats every livestream from festivals or parties.

Do you have an idealistic cure for the ills of the world?

We believe that if you have the chance, you must go on travels. It will make you a different person — in a good way.

Your thoughts about the term “drug”:

It’s funny, we’ve just watched our video for A New Drug again yesterday.


What do you think about “disturbing the peace”?

If it’s for a good reason…

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

Early summers in Hamburg where we’re from. It’s magical. The city turns into a jungle and the sun hardly sets. That’s when great ideas are born.

Something about your “different place” after Wolves:

Wolves” is the sign post that leads you to it.


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