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With Maria Holm-Mortensen (Scarlet Chives)

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Do you think the term “phobia” is the most appropriate to define a certain way of dealing with different sexualities?

Not really! I think in most cases people just lack the ability to deal with others who are unlike themselves. Some kind of social stupidity, which is often mistaken for anxiety or phobia and therefor excuses hateful and brainless actions against sexual minorities. Probably a sad result of the desexualisation our world is suffering from these days. Some people out there just need a little loving. Men love men, men love women, women love women – that’s perfect, isn’t it? It takes all kinds to make a world as they say.

Do you have a special measure to protect your sensible being from the cold mechanics of our world?

I was never that much into the mechanics, and I have been spending the most of my life trying to avoid them. I don’t like the thought of something dead that is much more clever than me. Finally, I have explored some of the wonders of it all. For instance, it is becoming so much easier for me to write songs after I have stopped recording on an old tape recorder and moved on to more modern tools.

What is the secret of Denmark that makes it so intimate and mysterious?

Denmark is a very small country so we are of course very few people living here. That is of course why we only have a few radio and TV stations to determine the sounds, the looks and the colors of the time. I think that Denmark will always have a very blooming and interesting cultural underground because there will always be someone who goes against the “ordinary” flow.

We are really still able to determine if a song is good or not, beyond the music market?

That’s not something to determine. Just a feeling.

How much importance takes provocation today in attracting attention to your message?

We never have any other purpose with our music than to change your state of mind at least for a little while. That’s what music can do.
When we work with provocations in our songs and videos it is to achieve a more intense mood.

Some days stay

What is The timber will fall’s video about?

I would not say that it is about anything specific. More like a trip into the subconsciousness. It is certainly circling around some subjects though, which I guess speaks for itself. The most important thing for us was to make a video that would awaken your senses and remind you that you can handle more than you think and in time see the beauty in things that were strange and appalling to you. It is all about pushing boundaries. We like to challenge our listeners and give them something soft and airy at the same time. Forcing people into a state of being amazed and afraid at the same time is giving them a living experience.
After releasing the video we have experienced an exclusion from different viral media because of its explicit content. This has left us eager to fight for the free mind and liberation that Danish artists were always very proud of.

How is working closely with a creative personality as Brian Batz?

We have known each other for a very long time and I remember that Brian was one of the first people to hear me sing. We have been working together ever since and it has been a pleasure to see each other develop along with the sounds. It is always a pleasure working with Brian in his studio, because he has a certain way of creating a very loose setting that somehow allows you to bring out the best.
I always do whatever I can to let Brian touch whatever I work with, because it makes me feel safe – some kind of musical bond I guess.

The social network: a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

A bit of both, I think. It is always something within yourself that determines if you feel trapped or inspired.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

There are so many colorful stories from my childhood. I remember getting a cardboard box with cute little chicks in it. They lived in my bed until they grew big and flew around my room destroying my glass figurine collection. I had to build a henhouse in the garden with help from my granddad. I think I was 10 years old.

Will you have “some days stay” in Italy, sooner or later?

Hope hope hope so.


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