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With Peter Bankov

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What is the social purpose of art nowadays, compared to Soviet Constructivism?

In my opinion, the poster has lost its original function. I suppose that, in the poster-art, it’s not the message to be important, but the moment of contact with a spectator. That’s why the modern poster has found its worthy place in social media. The principle is simple: see-live-forget. And Constructivism, as the latest big bright style, lives independently and appears in unpredictable situations, it’s visible and noticeable.

A short outline of your art:

Working every day, drawing at least eight hours a day. It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, what the weather is like outside or if you have a real desire to draw. You just have to sit down and start. That’s the main thing, and then everything will comes during your work. Both thoughts and plastic solutions.

How much of your country is in your posters?

I live in the Czech Republic, in Prague. I was born in Minsk, Belarus, I lived in Canada and Germany, I graduated and worked in Moscow. It’s hard to say if there is something from these places in my works, but I’d like to believe that in some magic way there is a Slovenian temperament in them.

From Moscow to Prague: it has to do with inspiration?

Prague and Moscow are in one general line of my life, these two different Slovenian worlds. Prague – is an amazing creative energy, calm and beautiful. Moscow – is a boiled cauldron, filled with passions, energy and primeval instincts. A certain way from order to chaos.

“From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached” (quote F. Kafka)…

Kafka is great, I moved to Prague from Moscow because of him, first of all. I feel very Kafka’s – a waken up supine beetle trying to get used to my new body by moving my six legs. I came off commercial design as a sense of life. And the commercial design gets old at the moment when you sell it to a Client. The poster-art – is a try to touch something eternal.


How much does the madness has to do with the illumination?

Madness, madness. I can tell a story about my friend: he’s a wonderfull Jazz musician, saxophonist. He looks like an ordinary man, he’s calm and intelligent, lives in Jerusalem. He plays and performs a lot. He is so much in love with his work that sometimes he hears in reality famous Jazz parts and starts to perform solo. There are solo concerts in his head and every time he is delighted with his skill to manage the instrument. But as the Jazz parts appear in his head, he understands that it’s time to do to a mental hospital. He goes there and gets treated for some period of time. When he recovers, he gives concerts… he is playing and waiting for the moment when some wonderful strange compositions performed by him will appear in his head again. Everything is near, and it’s not clear where the border between real art and madness is. What is better – to be mad, or to wait when you get mad.

Why we are all so in search of fame?

It’s ridiculous for me to speak about fame, as it’s not about me. Nevertheless, I can assume that fame cannot be an end in itself. It comes to people for choice – one is waiting for it, another one consider it as a trouble. Probably there are also advantages – you always have a place to sleep in an unfamiliar town and to have a cup of tea, if your finances are low.

The memory of your childhood you’re most fond of:

My childhood passed wonderfully, like a picture of one piece. My parents are artists: endless discussions about art. The friends of my parents are very good people, but not adapted to the real life – poets, physicists. Endless parties with song of Okudzhava, vodka and green pickled tomatoes, short provincial love-stories. Polish art magazines, real-type recorder, and permanent smell of potatoes… Oh, yeah, I recalled. In teen age I dreamed about a real bottle of beer Heineken, it was something impossible on the Soviet life (1988). When I entered the university in Moscow and returned to Minsk late at night, my mother presented a bottle of this beer… She bought it at the black market and spent all her salary on it.


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