A look around (the world)

Tina Signesdottir


Sitting in the departure lounge of Amsterdam airport, with a cup of coffee, observing all the different people, each with their own agenda. Within nine hours, my plane will land in Abu Dhabi. I was awarded a prize in one of the world’s largest photographic competitions, and invited to travel and stay pending the award ceremony, along with the other medal winners. At the same time, one of my pictures “The Green Room and I” was shortlisted in Sony Awards exhibited at the Somerset House in London.

Over the past four years, I have developed myself a lot, both as a photographer and as a human being. I didn’t know the direction I was taking was that of the photographer’s art, it was something that took place gradually, in my own development. Soon I have taken refuge in a realm where nothing around me existed. Nothing, but the photographic world.


When I took pictures time and places around vanished. I’m self-taught, driven by a great passion. When I shoot, I’m one hundred percent present in the moment. The most important thing is to express myself, communicate and create emotions. Stylistically, I work mostly with portraits, fine art conceptual themes, and some street photography. I never use a flash, only natural lightening, it provides a sensitivity and a feel you don’t get with artificial lighting.

Often a good image must also come from inside. The connection and interaction I have with the people I photograph is very important. You can’t just sit down and start shooting, when you work with people. You must first create a relationship, get to know each other, have a coffee, take a walk, chat a bit. Photographing people is more psychological than technical.


If you have no passion in your heart and you can’t see the motives, no expensive technology or equipment can help you. Photography has nothing to do with owning the best equipment, but with what you hear, what you see, and what you are able to express. Your eyes and your imagination are the best tools you’ll ever have. Many believe this is not how things stand, but the most important thing is that you can work well with the equipment you have available.As for me, I have a Canon 5D Mark II and for the most part, I use a fixed lens.

In my pictures, you should see the soul. I feel very happy when I can create feelings and reactions to my works. I can’t explain why my photos are so as they are: dark, expressive, full of emotion. I think it has to do with the grandeur of what seems so clear, with everything we’ve seen and experienced, and which imprint itself within us as small images: a rich inner landscape.

I inspire people with a lot of energy, who can guide me towards what they want. Among my photographers Reference: Gregory Crewdson, Jock Sturges and Julia Fullerton.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity I have been given through my photos, the amazing photographers I’ve met on my way, and all the experiences related to my work. It gives me even more momentum and desire to improve myself. I have many exciting projects for the future, alone and together with my girlfriend, who is an artist too.

Stay tuned, and appreciate all the beauty around us.


A look around (the world)

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