A look around (the world)

Matheus Pena


Well, the way we see things always appealed to me. Particularly those beautiful things that stir our feelings and our curiosity. I like perfectionism and all the things derived from it, I say so because I think the imperfect can be perfect as well. Anyway, art, design, colors, etc, have always been with me and have always fascinated me.

When I started studying Advertising in college, I felt it was a way to pursue that goal. To creating things that made me feel like that. I worked in publicity agencies as a designer for a while, until one day a close friend opened a photographic studio where I worked as an assistant for a few years. We did many jobs together, mostly fashion and advertising.

A look around_Matheus

As time went on I gradually realized that the art I loved so much was perhaps in my eyes and not in my hands, I realized that I could summarize my feelings much better and more organically with pictures than with design or painting. So I began to explore and study what I wanted from my shots.

Photography to me is eye and feelings, the technique is obviously necessary, but it can be learned by studying. On the other hand, the photographer’s eye can’t it. This is different in each person.
I believe that photography should emanate feelings, whatever they are! The person who sees it, has to feel, thinking or wanting to be something, being somewhere…


Anyway, a good photo brings you something else, a memory, a smell, whatever. That’s what I look for in my photos, I try to put a piece of me on them. To be able to put my feelings and my taste on my photos is my goal. Only then I could be sure to provoke feelings in other people. Not the same on everyone, of course, each person will feel what their particular inner universe allows them. I can´t say I always succeed. But I see it as a quest, a never ending and forever changing quest. That’s it, my photography is a never ending pursue of feelings and sensations and I´m the guide through the journey.

I am a Brazilian guy born in the southeastern part of Brazil — state of Minas Gerais. I´m 27 years old, two of them which I lived in the south of France where I studied fine arts and traveled a lot. Nowadays, I live in Brasilia, capital city of Brazil, and I’m organizing my return to Europe later this year — 2014.

Interview by Dioniso Punk


A look around (the world)