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Cover Photography to me is eye and feelings, the technique is obviously necessary, but it can be learned by studying. On the other hand, the photographer’s eye can’t it. This is different in each person. I believe that photography should emanate feelings, whatever they are! The person who sees it, has to feel, thinking or wanting to be something, being somewhere… Anyway, a good photo brings you something else, a memory, a smell, whatever. That’s what I look for in my photos, I try to put a piece of me on them […]

Matheus Pena

CoverOver the past four years, I have developed myself a lot, both as a photographer and as a human being. I didn’t know the direction I was taking was that of the photographer’s art, it was something that took place gradually, in my own development. Soon I have taken refuge in a realm where nothing around me existed. Nothing, but the photographic world. When I took pictures time and places around vanished. I’m self-taught, driven by a great passion. When I shoot, I’m 100 percent present in the moment […]

Tina Signesdottir

akshaym_Idontwanttosleepalone-coverYoung wavering photojournalists, such as myself, often go in search of pictures with a sometimes wanton thirst. I moved cities, living my days out of cheap bus-stand lodges or friends apartments, and nights drinking outside cheap standing bars on Church Street: anything that provokes narrative. Lines blur when you immerse yourself in the thoughts and emotions of your subjects. I thought like Nan Goldin or Anders Peitersen: I’ll make pictures representing the transgressions of young urban dwellers […]

Akshay Mahajan

Cover I believe in the eternity of some things, and in the mutability of other ones. I think “what you can love, remains”.

I’ve had so many lives, and each of these has coincided with a change, a result of lessons learned, unlearned and then forgotten.

I grew up delicate and happy, in a confined space with light. As I discovered my own little world, I felt this shade that made ​​me increasingly thin […]

Cristina Altieri

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