What’s going through your mind?

Gianluca Esposito: A confused artist, in Paris


Thinking about my creative work, and leaving aside the specific qualities of the different codes I have experienced in time, the figure that allows me to recognize myself every time is, with no doubt, the fierce desire to tell stories…
I’d like to talk about myself as a storyteller who tests different languages every time to communicate his story.

This attitude is the common thread that guided me from acting to sculpture, from writing to illustration… Not similar routes apparently, in which sometimes I have ventured with a little naïve unconsciousness that I believe provides guarantee for the honesty of my artistic experience. Like I was a big White Rabbit out of breath, running through the streets of his Wonderland, with anxiety to not having enough time to cover it in its entirety.


Well, then, I am a storyteller! But what do I tell?

First of all, myself.
I’ve made it up with the certainty that for a long time I have feared it showed a slight ego hypertrophy, when I realized that every artist speaks of what he knows in the end, and that there are different ways of telling about themselves: you can do it with the real intention of meeting, at the human level, those who are listening to us, to recognize themselves, looking at oneself, falling in love with what we are, and encourage each other to improve ourself.

About the starting concern of being sterilely self-referential, I still have a bent for talking with a smile, to make use of irony, of some naïve form in the way of saying what I say, the tendency to talk about how I could do when I was a child — after all, I’ve never been as serious and aware as when I was a child.

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As far as I said, my work is always intimate, it always expresses what I experience, very sincerely, provided that the viewer wants to go beyond my pleasure to build a little grotesque masks, “costume” characters — defect that somehow I must have brought with me from theater.

The aim of this always pretended diary approach is the “tales” production. The fairy tale, proper place for reflection, one-dimensional, permeable, ready to absorb and mix the different densities of our being for themselves and for others, is perhaps the most fascinating and full story form, it’s my real destination.

Or at least this is how it seems to me. I’m a confused artist. And I like to think this is my real quality.

July 3, 2014
Selective Art Gallery, Paris

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